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TW Telcom Support
I-net LeRoy & Newark, account# 335260 (BOCES WayneFinger Lakes)

 circuit ID numbers: Newark - 22/KFFN/105192/TWCS   LeRoy - 22/KFFN/105193/TWCS

Network Operations Center: 800-829-0420

Technical Support Escalation:
If ticket is open over two hours and you are unsatisfied call the same number and request a level 1 escalation. This will get a tech call within 30 min.s, if this doesn't happen or you are still unhappy call the number again and request a level 2 escalation and for a manager to return your call.

Account Contact:
Diane White Account Executive 585-756-1644(d) 585-721-4075(c) Diane.White@twtelecom.com